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Play "Swamp & Circumstance" in its unmastered form above. If you like the music please purchase the final mastered single on iTunes.

Keep the B@LL L@BS 'research' alive! Purchase this tune from iTunes and carry it every-where you go! It makes for a great driving tune (just don't get caught speeding!)
"Initially, this was just a melody and chord idea with no thought about genre or groove. Somewhere in the translation of the song in the studio I came upon the thought to add a small vamp before and after each verse. This lead to experimenting with the tune as a guitar-centric song, sort of with that classic Ventures sound. As I began to like that treatment it occured to me that the whole tune had sort of a 'spy/adventure' feel. I added a third section that played a little on the James Bond chromatic theme and injected some honking trombones as the tune winds on. Later I began to describe it as 'The Ventures meet James Bond in the Swamp!'
I hope you enjoy it!"

~Rocky Ball

Rocky Ball

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