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Music by Rocky Ball

Keys | Bass | Drums - Rocky Ball
Guitar - Rick Hinkle

Play "The Boogie Train" in its unmastered form above. If you like the music please purchase the final mastered single on iTunes.

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"I grew up playing boogie-woogie on the piano... but most folks these days have never even heard real 4-to-the-bar boogie. My left hand was never anything to write home about but in playing some old Clarence 'Pinetop' Smith I stumbled across this fingering (on both hands) as a substitute for the 4-to-the-bar stuff that I couldn't really do with only my left hand.

"So this started as a modern boogie that I added drums and bass to. Once my buddy, guitar virtuoso Rick Hinkle, laid down some smooth tracks for it I thought it kinda sounded more like a train rockin' down the tracks instead of traditional boogie-woogie. I added some B3 and a few little train sounds and it became "The Boogie Train".
~Rocky Ball

Rocky Ball
Rick Hinkle

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