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In no time you will be playing "Almost Live" at your next house party, street dance, wedding or funeral. You may like it so much you will want to HIRE the Ruby Reds Band for your next engagement.

Learn more about the band here.

Send your order via snail mail to:

Ruby Reds "Almost LIVE!"
c/o Rocky Ball
4464 Cary Drive
Snellville, GA 30039

This recording is temporarily available as a physical CD only. Audition the selections from our short mp3 snippets. If you like the recordings please click on the BUY NOW button.


Marty Martin
- trumpet & vocals
L.A. Tuten
- tuba
Rocky Ball
- banjo
Peanuts Fitch
- vocals
- drums
Dave Hanson
- trombone
Joe Grubbs
- trombone
Scott Hooker
- piano
Susan Speer
- guest vocals

"Almost LIVE" was recorded LIVE in January 1998 at the Freight Room in Decatur, Georgia. It features Ruby Reds Band regulars Marty Martin, Rocky Ball, L.A. Tuten, Peanuts Fitch and Flambeaux. 'Sitting in' that night were Big Dave Hanson, Joe Grubbs, Scott Hooker and Susan Speer. It's all here, the good the bad and the funny... just as it happened that night!

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